John is no stranger to the insurance industry.  His parents owned Insurance Field Services and also worked for Hartford and Maryland Casualty before retiring.  John, however, took a different career path and started his own import/export company manufacturing sporting equipment for martial arts and boxing.  It was during this time where he learned the valuable intricacies of having commercial/business insurance.   During that time, John developed cancer and underwent surgery and months of radiation and treatments.  Having the proper policies in place saved John’s business from an inevitable bankruptcy.  Several years later, he sold his business to a group of investors to bring the company to new heights.

In 2010, John was inducted to his 1st of three Hall of Fame awards for his innovations to martial arts and the sport known today as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).  With his martial arts experience, John fell in love with acting and has already established quite a list of film credits.

John, and his wife Amore (an accountant for a ministry), love helping people and working on ways to find the best solutions possible.  Fill out the box to the right or simply call John direct with your Auto, Home, Life, Business Insurance needs.  770.654.3197