Clayton is the founder, managing partner and CEO of The Rhoads Group. Clayton and his wife Jenny have 2 daughters (Avery & Charlotte). They live in south Forsyth County. His favorite hobbies/guilty pleasures in no particular order are

* jamming satellite radio; specifically @AltNation

* playing pick up basketball @vickeryvillage or golf @ Polo Golf & CC

* binge watching @Netflix

* eating donuts @DutchMonkey

* watching football @atlantafalcons

Clayton enjoys giving back thru community service outlets like United Way and Rotary International. In 2006, he helped Charter The Rotary Club of North Forsyth. He was elected, and served, as President in 2014. He gives annually to 6 organizations – Susan G Komen, St. Judes, Rotary International, The United Way, Girl Scouts of America and Boys Scouts of America.

Prior to founding the agency, he worked for a large fortune 100 insurance company. During his time as a captive agent there, he learned about the Independent Agent channel and quickly fell in love. He believes 100% that the IA channel is the best way for the consumer, the agent, and the insurance carrier to do business.

3 books he recommends everyone should read: The Sell, The Compound Effect, and The One Thing