5 Surprising Things Your Insurance May Cover

Homeowners insurance is absolutely necessary to protect your home and assets. If you review a typical insurance policy, you’ll find it protects homeowners from a wide range of mishaps–from fires, vandalism, lightning strikes, and tree falls.

But you may be especially surprised by these 5 things that your policy likely covers:

1. Patios, Gazebos, Docks, and Sheds

Homeowners policies usually covers your entire property, including all structures. Structures like storage sheds, gazebos, docks, and that luxury doghouse you just had built for Bingo. Be sure to let your provider know that you have these structures on your property to ensure you have documentation for coverage.

2. Tombstones

Believe it or not, grave markers at a cemetery are considered “personal property” and are therefore covered under most homeowners policies. Most people are covered up to $5,000 worth of damage. However, some gravestone damage is caused by the cemetery’s own landscaping equipment, and would therefore be covered by the cemetery’s perpetual care fund. So be sure to check the source of damage before making an insurance claim.

3. Drones

If Santa brought someone in your household a drone for Christmas, your home insurance policy may include gadget cover or personal possessions cover, both of which could protect your drone at home or when taking to the skies. However, not all such policies cover drones, so it may be worth investing in a specific drone insurance policy.

4. Your Kids’ Stuff at College

If your kid lives in a dorm, their items are usually covered under your homeowners policy. That’s because most policies cover anyone in your household as well as students under the age of 24. Not all policies cover students living in off-campus housing. It’s also worth noting that liability limits on students’ items may be lower, so if they have expensive items like a computer or bicycle, it may be a good idea to get some renters insurance as well.

5. Identity theft

If some nefarious person gets ahold of your sensitive data, it can become difficult to straighten out. Fortunately, many homeowners policies now allow for reimbursement of the cost of fixing your credit reports and restoring your identity. This can include the cost of lost wages, phone bills, and possibly even legal representation. If this coverage is not included in your basic policy, it may be available as a low-cost add-on or endorsement, so check with your insurance provider.

If you have questions about what your homeowners policy covers, check with your provider. Or, as always, drop me a line.

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