Calling all Single Moms

Calling all Single Moms

Sadly, this is becoming more and more frequent today… Moms suddenly finding themselves completely responsible for everything (whether it be from a divorce or death of a spouse).  When you are used to operating with another person as a team and then suddenly you are left to care for the children, pay the bills, keep up the home, all by yourself… it can be incredibly overwhelming.  I speak from experience.

I love speaking with other single moms and learning their story.   I love how their strength encourages me to keep pressing on and I especially love when I can help them in return (both as an insurance agent and, more importantly, as a friend).  I have a very special place in my heart for single moms.

A very brief version of my story:

I was blindsided 3 and a half years ago.  I thought I had a relatively good marriage.  Yeah, we’d argue from time to time (it’s gonna happen when you have two stubborn people under the same roof), but who doesn’t?  I came home from work one evening to be told that my husband no longer wanted to be married, he’d rented an apartment and he was moving out in 2 weeks.  I was shocked!  Looking back, I should have seen all of the red flags but when you love someone (and believe they love you in return) you tend to overlook said flags.  So, just like that I entered the single mom world.

I was very concerned about how I was going to make it.  I was a State Farm agent at the time and not making enough to support myself and Lana.  I was praying constantly.  Thankfully, I found out quickly that I had a lot of people in my corner.  My landlord lowered my rent so that I wouldn’t have to move and take Lana away from the only home she’d ever known.  My friends in my congregation stepped up and helped wherever they could (whether it was financially or just a shoulder to cry on).  In the end, the experience bolstered my faith and strengthened my relationship with God.

About a year later, I knocked on Clayton’s door while out in the Bible ministry.  I had 150+ neighborhoods that I could have been sent to and I was sent to his.  I was with a group of 12 people that could have knocked on his door, but for whatever reason, I was selected to take that house (coincidence?)  His wife was wearing a sweatshirt advertising an insurance company so we struck up conversation.  I ended up becoming a referral partner for Clayton and then after a year I decided I wanted to be a part of his amazing team.  The rest is history.

Now, I am extremely happy with my career, I’m trying to be the best mom that I can be, I have the greatest friends and support group.  I am extremely blessed.

I love working with other single moms because I can relate and have empathy.  If you know of anyone that is in this category and could use a break (and a friend), I’d love to help them.

Love and hugs to you all!  Never give up!  You can do anything!

Tracy Stowell

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