do it or delegate it

Do it or delegate it but it’s got to be done.

A great rule of thumb is if you are great at it and I love to do it, always #DIY.

If you don’t love doing it, or you’re not the best at it, (strongly) consider delegating to an expert.

The bet you are making is that if you “buy” that time back by delegating, you can use it to do what you are best at and that’s most often going to be an ROI positive move.

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Think about the errands you “can’t afford” to delegate yet, write them down, and maybe pick one to delegate now. When you do this, you’re making a bet on yourself. Like any bet, you can lose so maybe don’t bet the house. Start with something small and test your hypothesis that you are in fact best at X, Y or Z. Then scale up/down from there as you see a positive/negative ROI.

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