What is an independent insurance agency?

An independent insurance agency is a sales organization that may be large or small, family owned and operated or part of a large financial services corporation. What every independent insurance agency has in common is that they represent or provide access to multiple insurance companies. The companies represented may differ in number and type from one agency to another based upon customer profiles, agency expertise, or agency location. The agency has a contract with each company in which ownership of customer information and renewal rights is granted to the agency….Sometimes an agency may need to pale insurance for a customer with a company with whom they do not have a contract. In these cases, the agency will place the insurance policy through a wholesale or managing general agency that does have a contract with that company.

What is a luxury home? 

Rather than explain, click here to read a great article on Realtor.com.

What’s the difference between luxury home insurance and traditional “cookie cutter” insurance? 

In a traditional home insurance policy, there are several coverage limitations including Actual Cash Value coverage on your contents, low limits for Loss of Use coverage, and  very limited coverage for for jewelry, fine art, and collectibles.

Click here to read a great article on TrustedChoice.com which details some coverages to think about when insuring your luxury home.

I received a quote and now I want to buy a policy. What’s next?  

Great! To bind coverage, we just need to review the application together & get 1st installment.

Will I get a refund back from carrier?

In most casees, once your carrier processes your cancellation, they’ll send you a refund of any unused premium. This typically takes about 10 business days to finalize.

My homeowner’s premium is tied in to my escrow, how does that work?

We’ll waive the down payment and send the bill to your mortgagee. If you receive a refund from your prior carrier, you’ll want to deposit that amount back to your escrow (to rebalance).

Why did my rates go up?   

Georgia now ranks No. 2 in nation for natural disasters (AJC). Since 1980, there have been 203 disasters, which have caused $1.1 trillion of damage, and 67 of these occurred in Georgia. In 2016 alone, there were 15 weather and climate events including wildfires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more. That’s the second-highest in the nation since 1980. In fact, last year was the second-worst year for billion dollar disasters, which was right behind 2011. There were 16 events last year.

The National Highway Traffic an Safety Administration has shown that in the last year the number of fatal traffic accidents have risen nationally by nearly 10%! That’s the greatest year over year increase in 50 years. In the Southeast Region, the increase is even worse (15%). This statistic is obviously a huge cost driver for the industry. In addition, lower gas prices have lead to more miles driven and more distracted drivers has led to more accidents. Lastly, the cost of materials like bumpers and windshields have increased quite a bit over the past 10 years.

The best part about doing business with our agency is if you’re unhappy with your policy, including the price, we can “re-market” your account and try to find you something better. Because we already have most of the information we need to do this, this saves you time which SAVES YOU MONEY.

If I need to make a change to my policy, will TRG be my contact?

Yes! We’re your 1st point of contact for any change you need to make to your policy. If you need to pay a bill, you can call us.

If I need to make a claim, will TRG be my contact?

No, carriers prefer to handle all claims “in-house”. However, should you like to talk to us about your claim BEFORE filing, we’re happy to take your call, and help get the ball rolling.


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