Using Tech to Save Money in a Car Accident

Regardless of how big or small a car accident is, it’s an event that causes major inconvenience and stress. Repairs, rental cars, police reports. Accusations can fly and things can quickly become heated—especially when it isn’t clear how the accident occurred.

But we live in a digital age, and there’s a good chance that if you do have an accident, there’s video footage of it. Especially if you’re driving a Tesla, like I do.

Teslas come with four cameras that you can access any time through an App on your phone. The video below shows me trying to find my front camera. (Good thing the video doesn’t have to be flattering to be effective for a claim or in court!)

Video footage of your accident could be critical in getting any damages or repairs covered.  It can also be used to identify make, model, and colors of cars in the event of a hit-and-run incident. And if you’re unfortunate enough to be the victim of a drunk driver, video footage can indicate erratic behavior.

Don’t have a Tesla?

Most shopping centers and businesses are fully equipped with video surveillance systems—systems that might include videos of your accident.

Traffic cameras might also have recordings that could be used in any claims or cases that arise from the accident—especially if there is any question as to who was at fault.

In recent years, more cars come equipped with their own cameras.

Finally, dash cams are more affordable than ever before, with baseline models running as little as $50. Market trends show the demand for dash cams has risen steadily over the last five years.

In all incidents, time is of-the-essence when securing video evidence. Be sure to obtain that footage before it gets overwritten.

As an insurance agent, I recommend either buying a dash cam or familiarizing yourself with any cameras already installed on your car. It could save you big money in the event of an accident.  

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