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Uber for Teens?

Last week Uber announced they were rolling out a new service specifically geared towards teen riders. While there are obvious questions about safety, if uber gets this right, it could be an absolute game-changer for parents (and insurers). Why is…

Lease or buy an EV in Forsyth County?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new EV this year, leasing has recently become more attractive because of recent changes to federal EV tax credits. This tax credit “work around”, as it’s called in a recent article by Axios, coupled…

Medieval Times

We may not be able be able to insure your loot in Medieval Times, but we can make sure your stuff is covered while you’re there. Check out our latest Hulu campaign by clicking the link below.

Cars: Is It Better to Buy Or Lease?

It’s rarely a seller’s market when it comes to cars, but that’s the existing dynamic on car lots across the country. According to this December 2021 report from analytics firm IHS Markit, U.S. inventory levels are at their lowest levels since the…

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