It’s All in the Timing

“It’s all in the timing”..I think we’ve all heard that before. Of course there is good and bad timing and even a mix of both. Good timing: walking out of […]

A New Year is Approaching

“We are now starting priority boarding for Delta flight 2975 to Atlanta”. I grab my bag and head towards the gate. Apparently, one of the perks of being an AMEX […]

Calling all Single Moms

Calling all Single Moms Sadly, this is becoming more and more frequent today… Moms suddenly finding themselves completely responsible for everything (whether it be from a divorce or death of […]

The BIG 8

The BIG 8: Factors That Determine the Cost of Insurance As a real estate agent your main priority is to find your client that perfect home. But is the perfect […]

Take a pause…just for a moment

Take a pause…just for a moment. Forget about deadlines, bills, news coverage, social media, your job and also the person that cut you off today and just….breathe. Now take another […]

the best on the planet

About a month ago we sponsored the Alpharetta Chamber’s Thirsty Thursday networking event at Brine Seafood Shack. There were about 50 people that showed up and we had a great […]

Do I NEED Life Insurance in Georgia?

The past few weeks in the early morning’s quiet peace as I have sipped my hot coffee and scrolled through my social media pages: I’ve been shocked at the tragic […]