The BIG 8

The BIG 8: Factors That Determine the Cost of Insurance As a real estate agent your main priority is to find your client that perfect home. But is the perfect […]

Take a pause…just for a moment

Take a pause…just for a moment. Forget about deadlines, bills, news coverage, social media, your job and also the person that cut you off today and just….breathe. Now take another […]

the best on the planet

About a month ago we sponsored the Alpharetta Chamber’s Thirsty Thursday networking event at Brine Seafood Shack. There were about 50 people that showed up and we had a great […]

time marches on

“Life is a terminal disease,” I quipped.  The rest of the language of the quote was a bit “blue”, so I ended the quote there and my clients chuckled. We were […]

Do I NEED Life Insurance in Georgia?

The past few weeks in the early morning’s quiet peace as I have sipped my hot coffee and scrolled through my social media pages: I’ve been shocked at the tragic […]

travelers championship!

I just got back from Hartford. I’m so glad to be home! That’s the best part about travel isn’t? Coming back home; seeing your wife and kids; sleeping in your […]

presidents award

The Rhoads Group wins Safeco’s Presidents Award!  2016 was an amazing year and we’re excited to announce another win for The Rhoads Group. There are thousands of agencies nationwide that […]