Thank you Brian and Cindy!

I’m super honored to be selected to represent independent insurance agents from the state of Georgia at the 2019 Travelers Leadership Conference in Southern California. What a great opportunity it […]

Opening Day

Opening Day has always been one of my favorite days of the year. Even today at 34 years old it feels like a special day. Growing up, I was obsessed […]

From Here Nor There

Written By: Eleazar Bautista There is an expression in Spanish that translated says: You are not from here nor there. (“Ni de aqui ni de alla.”) Many times in my […]

It’s All in the Timing

“It’s all in the timing”..I think we’ve all heard that before. Of course there is good and bad timing and even a mix of both. Good timing: walking out of […]

A New Year is Approaching

“We are now starting priority boarding for Delta flight 2975 to Atlanta”. I grab my bag and head towards the gate. Apparently, one of the perks of being an AMEX […]

Calling all Single Moms

Calling all Single Moms Sadly, this is becoming more and more frequent today… Moms suddenly finding themselves completely responsible for everything (whether it be from a divorce or death of […]

The BIG 8

The BIG 8: Factors That Determine the Cost of Insurance As a real estate agent your main priority is to find your client that perfect home. But is the perfect […]

Take a pause…just for a moment

Take a pause…just for a moment. Forget about deadlines, bills, news coverage, social media, your job and also the person that cut you off today and just….breathe. Now take another […]